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    Better Social Networking

    Often when creating something a word of advice is, "Don't re-invent the wheel." In this case, however, a better wheel was needed. Connect with people who share interests or experiences that are similar to or of interest to your own. It isn't about who you know, but what you know, what you have experienced, what you like.

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    Communicate with others

    Get instant feedback or direct advice on an issue in the chat room. Communicate with friends privatly via instant message. Share your story with a blog post and get feedback from the world. Ask a question and get answers from others.

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    Share, Laugh, Live!

    Multiple ways to share. Connect through stories, photos, videos, poles, instant messages, chat, status bursts, messages, discussions. So many tools to choose from.


Why Us

Mobile Ready

Our services are built with a responsive layout, which in not tech speak means mobile friendly.

Meet friends

We welcome all types. Bring your friends or make new ones with the existing members.

Share Memories

Everything that happens to you is stored as a memory. Share and let others benifit from your experiences and memories. The knowledge gained from your story may help someone else who faces the same or similar challanges.


With anything new there are always questions. We have staff members as well as volunteers on hand ready to help you with any issues you have.