New England Winter

Well, we lived through the so-called "bomb cyclone". The morning gave us rain and roaring winds, the evening bombarded us with snow, which then froze into solid ice of a hardness usually only seen in diamonds.

I was rousted out of my apartment this morning by the maintenance crew, and told I had to have my car cleaned off, and move the car by 11:30 am so they could plow the parking lot. I had to get dressed, put on a bit of makeup...long story short I didn't get down to my car until 11:15. It was coated with ice. 

I was fortunate that the door handles were only lightly frozen. At least I was able to get in to my car to get my ice scraper. (I remember one fun year, when I lived a bit closer to the ocean, and I had to borrow my landlady's pancake turner)

Long story short, I hacked at the car for half an hour and managed to clear MOST of the windows, but could not do a thing with the windshield wipers. I had to move the car to another spot, and spent another half an hour just hacking at the 3" thick enormous ice cube that had formed all along my windshield wipers. (Yes, I have them sticking up in the air now, somewhat belatedly). I have never dealt with ice so hard that I could not do anything but break off tiny chips.

The temperature will now plummet. They are predicting a historic cold, and I fear that tree limbs will snap off from the cold and the ice along the branches. They say it could be as cold as minus 12 to minus 14 Fahrenheit tomorrow. Wish us all luck, we hardy Pilgrims. :)