Make It Stop

Can anyone explain to me WHY the news channels...ALL of them...must beat each story to a bloody pulp and then masticate the bloody pulp until it is as old and dry as sawdust?

I have heard about Steve Bannon's stupid new book for three days now. Prior to that it was sexual misconduct...apparently no one is able to behave themselves...and they are still beating that one...wait...that didn't come out right....hmmm.

Now they are BACK to the Russia probe, and I want to blow up my television set...(figuratively speaking). :)

The repetitive stupid hashing of every issue is making me a bit ill. I think I will watch Ghost Adventures.....that isn't a bit stupid.....LOLOL!!!

    • Disguised

      .....i watch the news once a week and feel i cover most

      • Sukhdeep

        Hi Roll2323. I believe news have no new stories all the time but it's a big world! Looks like a few editors like to lounge around instead of seeking stories out there. In the meantime throw in old stories. Within the next few years every single living journalist in the whole world will be in London, covering reports on het Majesty's death. YO! She is over 90! I will ensure no tv/ radio for me then, for a whole month!

        • Rolle2323

          @Sukhdeep...that will be a sad day for England. Personally I hope she lives the alternative is a bit frightening.

          • pennynoodles

            I just browse Sky News online twice a day, that way I can skip over the bits that are repeated. 

            • Colonel Brandon
              Colonel Brandon

              I too am impatient with the news channels' need to fill the empty space between real news events with their repetitive yammerings. I get most of my news from the web, public radio, and print media. If any of them start obsessing on something, I can click to a new link, change the channel, or turn the page.

              • Rolle2323

                @Colonel Brandon, I used to do that, and lately I've become lazy and leave FOX news on all the time. It has been so repetitive (until today) with the sex scandals and the stupid book by Bannon that I am forced to "watch" old movies while I am playing on the computer. :)

                • Whitesunshine87

                  I think they keep repeating it thinking you are hard of hearing or haven't heard the news properly lol.Or you have just switched on your TV.