Rolle's Easy Cajun Blackened Salmon

1 very large thick salmon filet, enough to serve at least 2 people

3 Tablespoons butter

Cooking spray

McCormick Cajun seasoning

Spray the most enormous frying pan you own with non-stick cooking spray. Add three tablespoons of butter, and melt at medium heat. When butter is melted, lay the salmon into the pan skin side down. Generously coat the entire top of the salmon with McCormick Cajun spice. Cook for about 6 minutes, then flip. Butter is supposed to be brown. Skin is now cooked and will easily slide or flake off with a fork. Reduce heat to low, and cook an additional 6 minutes. The cajun seasoning side is now beautifully dark brown (blackened). Serves 2-3

    • Valentine

      Also nice with sweet chilli sauce (I couldn't find this though in Walmart) instead of the Cajun spice, Rolle :))

      • Colonel Brandon
        Colonel Brandon

        I often make salmon like this, although I have not tried McCormick's. I do have a confession of sorts, however -- I actually love to eat the skin of the salmon. (And I am guessing that is where you get the most omega-3 oils too.)

        • Disguised

          Sounds great