My Special, Special Day


    I haven't been going out much, as you may or may not know. I've quit my job due to unresolved illness, and I stay close to home lately as much as possible. Our weather has been horrible (it snowed again today...April 2nd!!!!) and we have had one big Nor'easter after another during the month of March. This, together with a frightening strain of flu in epidemic proportions, kept me ordering groceries online and staying in.

    Today's events started when my buzzer rang. It was fed ex delivering my new smart phone. The arrival of the phone caused me to remember that I had received a slip from the post office asking me to come and pick up a package. I think I was near the end of the 10 days the post office will hold packages before sending them back. I had to go to the post getting around it. As you can imagine, every mishap I have missed by hiding indoors lay in wait for me the moment I poked my nose outside. They do back up, like log jams. 😉

    I arrived at my car and tried to start the damned thing and the battery was dead. I had to call my never before used road service, and they had to arrange for a man to come and jump start my car.

    I discovered something I did not road service has a $250.00 per incident benefit limit. I am so glad I haven't had to use it for a lengthy tow. The man who jump started my car told me to run the car for at least 30 minutes, so I headed off to the post office.

    I was leaving the highway, at the end of exit 5, about to merge onto Long Pond Road, when the woman behind me rear ended me. There was no damage to her car at all, but my bumper was cracked like the top of a soft boiled egg.

    I was flustered. That usually doesn't happen to me, but when the woman asked me the name of the road upon which we were standing, I could not think of it. I used to own a HOUSE on said road. The discombobulation continued. I allowed the woman who had hit me to control the situation. She advised me NOT to call the police. She did NOT allow me to see her registration or her drivers license. She gave me her business card instead, gave me the name of her insurance company and the license plate number of her car.

    We concluded our business, and I made it to the post office, where I discovered that the Irish were responsible for all my woes, having sent my ebay order of Wade pottery via the US postal service instead of fed ex or UPS. I must have ordered from the IRA....LOL!!! JK

    Undaunted, I headed off to the optometrists office to have them repair my eyeglasses (again). The screw keeps coming unscrewed, and since I was close I went.

    Only to be told by the lady who has fixed my eyeglasses for free the last three times that from now on I will have to return to their former location and deal with the eyeglass merchants there, as they have now separated their businesses.

    STILL undaunted, I went out to my car. Please note that I have been in hiding in my apartment for months....and failed to notice that my inspection sticker expired last December....LOL!!! I had an accident in an uninspected car, passed several police cars....and managed to slip through their fingers...😜 I did NOT receive a ticket.

    I headed straight to the inspection station, I waltzed in to a completely empty waiting room and requested an inspection. They took me right in. IMMEDIATELY people began to pour into the room, all asking for inspections. The fourth and fifth were told they would have to wait an HOUR!!!! I gloated in a minor way, and didn't even manage to look at all the pictures in ONE magazine before my car was done.

    I headed home, and began to make phone calls. The inspection station had noticed my cracked bumber and left an accident checklist on my seat, so I just followed the list. I called the police first, and they had to send an officer to look at my car. He said the damage did not appear to be over $1000.00, so he did not have to file a report.

    I returned to my apartment, and called my insurance company. I now have a claim number and an email for the adjusters telling me they will call me sometime in the next week. The customer service agent for my insurance advised me to call the insurance company of the woman who hit my car and file a claim with them, and THEIR adjuster called me back immediately, but left my head spinning. I don't know whether my own insurance company will waive my deductable, or whether I need to call the culprit's insurance company again to aske for payment directly from them.

    But, that part is finally all done. So I went on to the next piece, which was to activate my new phone. I did so, and then bogged down during the set up process. Apparently it is beyond my capability to read or correctly type in the tricky fonts of security code letters to prove I am not a robot, so I called the number Xfinity sent with my activation email, hoping for some help. Unfortunately, they were not able to help me at all, because their computers don't have access to the same computers that their mobile phone division uses.

    I was informed that I would have to travel, in person, to the mobile phone store and have them assist me with the codes.

    Thus begins my voyage into the new technology....LOL!!! I suspect, already, that smart phones are linked directly to Satan.

    On a bright note, I haven't fallen down today, haven't started any fires, and the cat hasn't sh*t upon the bed. 🤣😂😎