Everyone wears a mask.

In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul.
    • Disguised

      An old poem of mine....


      Masquerade for the Jar Of Hearts

       Feels life is a masquerade.
       Random footsteps on dark parade.
       Treading timeless in one place.
       Mask held fast obscuring face.
       Hiding scars from hurtful past.
       Thinking scars will ever last.
       Heart been broken pushed too far.
       Needs protecting seal in jar.
       No way out feeling low.
       Life on auto where to go?
       Willing life to slowly change.
       Surrounding people rearrange.
       Footsteps start to beat as one.
       Walking forward to rising sun.
       Mask moves by memories new.
       Each bold step holding true.
       Scars fading into past.
       New felt feelings going to last.
       Broken heart slowly mends.
       New met people trusted friends.
       A special friend start to meet.
       Walk to dance step move feet.
       Mask holding at the side.
       Steps matching partners stride.
       Slowly jar will start to break.
       New found love not a fake.
       New beginning fresh love starts.
       Open fully Jar of Hearts.
       Happiest couple in light parade.
       Life’s no longer a masquerade.

      • Colonel Brandon
        Colonel Brandon

        I love both the poem and the original post!

        • pennynoodles

          A great poem Mr D.