I thought I was disgusted and upset when Cory Booker flogged Pompeio in the Congressional "interview" today asking repeatedly if Pompeio felt that gay sex was perverted, but I was wrong.

Even though I haven't erected a barricade (yet), I stay in my apartment and stay away from my neighbors as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I have been on an internet shopping spree, because I received my tax return, and received no notification of any kind that a LOT of boxes had been delivered.

One of my neighbors (kindly?) gathered up all of my packages and brought them upstairs in a big shopping cart. I wasn't dressed, I peeked out, and there he was with all of my boxes.

I was in the middle of serving my dinner. The fish was on the plate, rapidly cooling.

My neighbor pushed his way in with the cart the moment I opened my door. Unfortunately, the cart ran over the bag of kitty litter sitting next to the door, and I am wondering how I will get the leaking bag out to the trash chute now.

Then he proceeded to bend my ear for almost half an hour about his problems with his neighbor, who makes noises. It seems he has gone to the management office, complaining, and they are about to evict HIM instead of his neighbor.

He explained that he is on a new medication, and it isn't working as well as the last one, and the noises are bothering him more.

My eyes continually widened,  I wondered HOW I could escape. I hoped his meds were working well enough.

The oven was on. The heat was roasting me in my shoes. I waited and waited for my opening, and finally it arrived, and I thanked him profusely for bringing up my packages. He took the hint, thank goodness, and left.

I really don't feel quite safe with a neighbor like that. I hope and pray he will leave my packages to me in future.