How does Golden Goose Deluxe Brand win the world with a pair of "small dirty shoes" that are expensive?

The brand name of the small dirty shoes is called Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. It is an Italian brand. The style of the shoes is that each pair is worn and looks dirty.——GGDB Store 

How does Golden Goose Deluxe Brand win the world with a pair of "small dirty shoes" that are expensive? BoF interviews his CEO to explain the story behind it.
Milan, Italy - A pair of worn-out sneakers that look unscathed can be sold for 3,000 yuan or even tens of thousands. In some people's eyes, this is crazy, especially by giants such as Nike, Adidas and Valentino. The field of sneakers with double-sided pinch is already a Red Sea. How can such a expensive and small shoe be sold? But Golden Goose Deluxe Brand opened up an alternative path in the high-priced "dirty shoes."

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is the first brand to upgrade sneakers from streetwear to luxury, changing the way the fashion industry views these items,” said CEO Roberta Benaglia. The brand's communications department has strict rules, emphasizing that you can't just write the first two words, because the meaning of "Deluxe Brand" is crucial - it is the essence of its success.

For consumers who love Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, their "small dirty shoes" is not just a high-priced version of "Converse", but each pair is a unique, hand-made luxury product. The deliberately worn sneakers are made of Italian high-end soft leather, which is given the texture and comfort through traditional craftsmanship, and then hand-washed, colored and waxed to bring the deliberate retro effect, and the previous hot "small" White shoes are very different, but there is a cool feeling that is not trimmed. “Dirty looks good, and there is a sense of high-level,” a shoe lover wrote in the Tigers Forum: “I feel like a rich and cool rock star.”Latest GGDB Sneakers

First of all, dirty shoes have a sense of vicissitudes. At first glance, there are male/female classmates who have stories. They satisfy the needs of young literary and young people who pretend to walk a lot and go to many places!
Secondly, telling the truth, washing shoes is really troublesome! When you are lazy cancer, you don't want to wash it. If you want to wash it, you have to take care of it carefully. If you have a pair of shoes that you don't have to wash from buying to wearing, how good is it? ! It's like a hole in jeans....