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    By paul in the group Foot fetish - My fetish began very early for me. When I way little mom would take me on her arrands. One of those was her trip t o the beauty parlor. Her hair and nails done. Her pedis were done in the back of the store, so I'd go back and sit with her,...
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    By paul - I love women, but I enjoy men. I love the feeling of his cock in my hand and in my mouth. I'm usually the 1st one on my knees waiting to suck. The love the surprise he gives me when he cums in my mouth. I practice yoga so I can spread my legs...
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    Taboo : Applies To Me

    By paul Comments (1) - An only child of a stay at home mom and a working dad, nudity and sex were not very unusual. They never closed the doors and once in a while I'd here them going at it in the middle of the night. My curiosity would get the best of me and I walk...

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