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An only child of a stay at home mom and a working dad, nudity and sex were not very unusual. They never closed the doors and once in a while I'd here them going at it in the middle of the night. My curiosity would get the best of me and I walk down the hall to listen and witness their silluettes in the darkness. It fascinated me and as I got older, it aroused me and I did get caught a time or two.

When I was 15, school had an early release. I went home, went to my room and undressed as usual. I looked out my window and saw mom and a neighbor holding hands and walking the grounds naked. I was confused and aroused. I heard the back door open and hid underneath the bed. They went to the bedroom and soon began fucking. Mom was so much louder then with dad and I found myself masturbating. I came all over myself.

Soon after I heard them shuffle across the floor mom and her lover went out the door. I thought it was safe until I saw mom standing in my door. I hadn't even cleaned up yet.

She came over and sat next to me on my bed. I could take my eyes off her tits. She explained to me that mom and dad still love each other but that they have an understanding and that nothing would change her love for me. I tried to listen to her but my mind was elsewhere and I was becoming erect in front of my own mom. She stood up in front of me and asked if everything was ok. I said yes. She opened her arms for a hug. I did and when I felt her tits against my chest, ( I was already her height) I was completely hard. I couldn't help but hold her tight. She held me just as tight, my cock pressed against her stomach. I couldn't hold it any longer, so I came as she held me tight. " Do you feel better?" with a smile. "Yes mom"  


    • John Tucker
      John Tucker

      I love that story. Please write more. I have loved M/S stories ever since my mom caught me masturbating. My daughter ant I have a VERY close relationship.