Adult Filters Gone??

I no longer see the filters that allowed us to see and sort through only the Adult wall, questions, discussions, groups, and blogs.

Also, when will I have the ability to see ALL my groups together on my profile? Presently adult groups I created are no listed and I have to search for them each time.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

    • ATM Stephanie

      By ATM Stephanie

      I just looked, checked your profile specifically. Your adult groups are listed there. If a member has the adult flag set for their profile they will see all of the groups. Additionally, if you click more groups on your profile page it takes you to a page that displays both adult and non adult groups, if you have your profile set to view adult content. if set not to obviously it doesnt show it. 

      • Mizbella

        By Mizbella

        Thank you so much. I can now see all my groups.

        I also see that the adult filter is back for the wall but Not for these catgories, groups/exoerience questions, discussions and Blog/stories.

        It would be nice to view only the adult content in these categories as well. I checked these just now, so I don't believe missed it. Thanks for your help.

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