i'd love too

    Red Maple

    outdoor sex sounds great, i'd love to do it.  outdoor masturbation is as far as I got... on a walk in the woods when i was a lonely teenager....  does that count? if so you can ask for more of a story.

    I love your pictures Tanoos for outdoor sex, and for yourself.

      • Tanoos

        By Tanoos

        Thanks for your nice response..Out door sex is grate and so exiting...and welcome to your experience and story 

        • Jay Veryoral

          By Jay Veryoral

          I have caught more people having sex outdoors than I have had outdoor sex. I have walked up on guy on guy sex girl and guy  where she is giving oral. Funniest one was on the beach. I approached a couple from behind ( thier blind side and when I got up close she had his cock deep in her mouth.When they noticed me she hurriedly covered him up and I stopped and said hi made some small talk and was on my way. I looked back after about 100ft away and she was busy again....LOL  I have since turned into a very good voyeur. I now notice more sex in public places..especially parking lot sex. Too many stories and now I have started to pack my camera...lol

          • Summerman

            By Summerman

            One Summer when I was having a "break" from work I spent a lot of time at my local park. There were plenty of overgrown areas where I could sit and walk naked, and there were even places I could cycled naked without really being seen. On my travels I did come across a fair amount of other people having sex or blowjobs in shodowy parts of the woods. Mostly they were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice me standing watching them. I once even found a couple fucking on the edge of a cricket pitch right by a public path. I stopped to watch and the guy (who was on top) raised his head to look at me and he just shrugged and carried on.