Not Quite

    By Justme

    Im not quite a true cuckold because in a relationship Im not really willing to do with out.However I have always loved to hear my exes stories from the past if they enjoyed the telling.Many years ago I had a girl friend who had told Me she was a slut and proud to be one.She was not  BSing Me!It happened on my birthday.Id had a small party about 8 people.The food and the beer did float.As things slowed down and friends began to leave ,i noticed one friend was passed out on the couch.My girlfriend Sheena and I decided to let him stay there till morning.Rudy was a full blood Choctaw Indian.6 ft tall close too 200lbs.All muscle. I knew Sheena was attracted to him but i figured he'd sleep all night. Was I wrong.It was about 3 in the morning,and I woke up with the two of them fucking right beside Me!To my own surprise,I was turned on by it. I pretended sleep ,but oh so gently i was stroking my self.I came when I knew She had.Soon Rudy was done and left the room.About 630 i woke up and made the coffee.I carried 2 cups to the bedroom.With a smile Sheena stretched and thanked Me for the coffee.I let her drink a bit of her cup before I looked her in the eyes and asked,"You and Rudy fucked last night didnt You"?

    "What?No way baby!"

    I laughed!"Yes You did! I was awake for most of it!"Sheena couldn't believe I wasn't mad.We had sex then and there and it was better than most times and it was always good!Long story short,The 3 of Us hung out all day and Rudy and I took turns with Her 3 different times!