First time Masturbation

    By Tanoos Replies (7)

    I had some wonderful experience about my first masturbation..If somebody ask..will tell :)

      • ricko

        By ricko

        Yes I wanna know send me an inbox message please !


      • purelife1261 (Banned)

        By purelife1261

        you have me curious

        • Golfingworld

          By Golfingworld

          I would like to know please?

          • Embing

            By Embing

            I wanna know

            • Justme

              By Justme

              Would love to hear it.I will never forget my 1st time lol!

            • purelife1261 (Banned)

              By purelife1261

              id love to  know

              • Transgenderlife26

                By Transgenderlife26

                I remeber my first time masturbating  .

                i was naked on my bed legs open juts exploring and it fealt so good. I kept  going and going  felt even better .I think its  healthy  when you feel like  it .Exploring  down there fealt   strange  yet good , i didnt know why but rubbing my private fealt good and right .Now older i still enjoy  it lol