The Irish Student

    Colonel Brandon
    By Colonel Brandon

    A mother and father in Ireland are talking with their  daughter about what she will do after high school graduation. To their great surprise, she expresses an interest in attending a university in England.

    The father goes into an angry tirade. "England? Nothin' good ever came from the English! No daughter o' mine is ever goin' to England! "

    Over time, the mother calms him down and he reluctantly consents to the plan.

    So the daughter graduates and moves to England to attend the university. Months later, she comes home to visit, and she eventually finds the courage to make a confession about how she is earning some extra money.

    "I decided to become a prostitute," she admits.

    "What?" exclaims the father, pacing around the room in an angry rage, "What did I tell you? See? This is what comes of sending our little girl to England. Those damned English have completely ruined her!"

    "Dad, " she pleads, "don't be so upset. Being a prostitute really isn't so bad."

    The father suddenly stops and calms down. "What's that you say? Prostitute? Oh....." He sits down, breathing more easily. "Forgive me, darlin'. I misheard you. For a second there I thought you said you had become a Protestant!"