Ex convicts

Are EX convicts allowed to live a free normal life after they do their time? I ask because just read an article where, in 1990 an 11 year old killer kills Jamie Campbell, 3, for no reason by beating and drowning him. And today? The family of Jamie are distraught to learn the offender is on FB, picture, living a free life in Scotland with his GF.

This may be controversial but I get it. Jamie was a son that got taken away from him. But what did they suppose happened to the offender after he did his time? And why did it take FB to make them realise that the offender is free? What did they suppose happened to him after 9 years in prison? Sorry, but it's like ex offenders should go far far away, with a new name/ identity as not cause "distraught" to the victims as their paths may cross on the street.

Okay lets face it the likes of; rapist, murderers (no death penalty in UK) and fraudsters all did their time and after that... They're free. They move on and they're not going to think "Oh, I better not do this nor that in order to cause the victims that I victimised any stress." 

I understand that this is controversial and a few of you have a scowl on your faces or think "Sukh did you put yourself in the victim's shoes?" Okay fair enough but why get stress over FB when you KNOW that deep down the guy that victimised you is scots free anyways? 






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