Infinity - Size or number?

WAIT before you doze off seeing a maths topic I have music and food! :D (urr music and food DISCUSSON to be precise). 

Infinite means carrying on forever. So it has no number? Okay imagine all the music ever created and sang in this world and stop at December 31st 2017! WAOW! That may be infinite amounts of song list! Quite true but if someone starts counting then one day... BAM! A figure will be given be it in million or over a billion. Therefore, music since day 1 to 31st Dec 2017? NOT infinite. 

What comes inbetween 1 and 2? 1.5? 0.1? 0.001? Or... 0000000000 (to the power of 10 zeros) then a 1? WE CAN ADD ON 0 NEVER ENDING! That is infinite. 

So maybe infinite is a size? Maybe the sky's infinite? not quite as it could be measured from begin to end point (though sky looks round)! but am still sure it can be measured in Miles and KMs. What about the galaxy!!! 

So many world out there then carry on forever! This means somewhere out there you could meet an infinite of your Doppelganger! (another story). So the length of the universe is infinite. 

Back to number. Imagine how many apples have been cropped and harvested since the year 1 to end of 31st January 2018. INFINITE is screaming out again. And again, if a system is ever used to count and give a figure with a 0% error count... (Just imagine of course will never happen). Then we will say "Aha! that wasn't infinite. That has been given a figure to its head." 

Until the end of the world (humans are all dead) we have the power to grow countless apples and the apples from the same countries will carry on producing the same taste! So this is countless if not infinite, countless people have tasted the same apple. (Yes, UK apple grown is 100% different to India grown no matter which country's apple seed is from. Weather has a big role in this). 

Back to size. The only possible thing of a size infinite is, truly, the universe. You could say "Okay 1, 2, 3... 4 trillion NO am counting not measuring its size" true but you are in actual fact counting miles from one universe to next (paradox territory). 

Let's keep it to numbers and much smaller things now. How many possibilities of making a win combination in connect 4? How many combinations can you make with a deck of 52 cards without the deck being the same? (so first all the aces, then 2, then 3... then aces in different colour! then add 2's in previous colours)! The answer's not "Infinite" though we tend to say "Infinite" as an exaggeration. 

NOW! imagine a circle with arrows in it going in different directions. Up, (U), Down, (D), Left(L) and Right (R). In this circle you can draw an arrow U,R,U - L,L,U,R. IMAGINE ALL THE COMBINTAIONS! And once the circle is full with all the possible arrows? GET ANOTHER CIRCLE AND START AGAIN, COMBINATION BEING FROM LAST CIRCLE YOU LEFT IT OFF ON!!! THIS IS THE NEW STARTING POINT COMBO! YES IT CAN GO ON FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! 



I enjoy Maths

I enjoy Maths

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