How were the Sikh Gurus selected? (Guru Nanak to Guru Angad Dev).

QUESTION! How did Guru Nanak Ji decide who should be rightfully the next Guru in line for Sikhs? Family, person with most money or someone from the Sikh congregation? Correct answer, a man from the congregation known as birth name Bhai Lehna (Brother Lehna) but changed his name to Guru Angad Dev Ji. 

BUT it is important to mention, EVERYONE was an open candidate to gun for next in line. EVERYOE! Man, woman, teen, old and even children were given the chance currently present in Sangat (congregation). But why did Guru Nanak pick Bhai Lehna? In order to pass GCSE (UK school grade) one must study and apply what they have learned. There is coursework and exams both make up the scores. SAME PRINCIPLES APPLIED here. 

By now Guru Nanak Ji had composed so many prayers and just a few verses "Have faith in God. Stay in God's command to obtain His happiness." Many spiritual people today will see and know there is zero difference between 10 Gurus (or 11 counting Guru Granth Sahib Ji). Now, people in the congregation would do prayers in morning, do selfless service (Seva). However Bhai Lehna's obeying and doing seva was second to none. Just like an exam apply it on yourself he would apply the prayers on himself and follow it. 

A few times at 3am in the morning Guru Nanak would knock on people's doors and request them "Can you please do my laundry?" To which men, women and children replied "Yeah but in the morning." Then at the very end Guru Nanak went to ||Bhai Lehna's house with his request. Without any hesitation Bhai Lehna immediately did as Guru Ji requested. Why? "Stay in His command..." and Bhai Ji did not differentiate between Guru and God. 

One day Guru Nanak's two sons and Bhai Lehna stood before a knee deep mud and a glass was in the middle of it. Guru Ji requested both his sons if they could get it for him? But both sons refused as they were worried about getting mud on their new clothes. Guru Ji then looked towards Bhai Lehna, but Bhai Ji was already in the mud! He waded and picked up the half broken glass. On pulling it he realised it actually a full glass.

SO! everyday Guru Nanak would request EVERYONE but alas, so many people failed to see he was, indirectly, commanding. Time and time again Bhai Lehna would do as Guru Ji was telling no matter how hard, ridiculous or time the tasks were given. Of course, Bhai Ji was also making an honest living, meditating and doing Seva (not just following Guru Ji around). 

FINALLY! One day Guru Nanak had his hair down, pulled a shawl around himself and was being the grumpiest and meanest person EVER! He would down talk and grump at everyone. He claimed "If anyone still wish to follow me then do so!" From the thousands of congregation; men, women, kids and teens alike a few stepped back and decided "This really isn't for us." 

A few minutes later Guru Ji dropped down sacks of money on the floor. A few following congregation picked it up and stepped back "What the hell do we want from Guru Ji now? let's just enjoy our lives." Finally only 3 Sikhs were left at some point (think on top of a hill but not sure). a 3rd Sikh, Bhai Lehna and Baba Buddha (Baba is refered to Grandpa or an old man).

It's worth mentioning here that the 3rd Sikh and Baba Ji went on to becoming great spiritual people. Baba lived up to 150 years and served the first 6 Sikh Gurus. Extremely spiritual and wise by meditating, seva and making an honest living. 

However, when the command was to "See that sheet? there is a corpse beneath. Pull it off and eat the corpse!" Baba Ji and the 3rd Sikh backed down as they could not muster it even this time! But Bhai Lehna? He asked "Where should I start? Head or feet?" "Head..." *Points* on pulling the sheet THERE WAS NO CORSPE THERE! But in its place Prasaad - sacrament sweet dish 100% vegetarian (lol).

Guru Ji finally smiled, hugged Lehna and said "Guru ka Ang" (limb of the Guru). "You followed my verses every single second, never wavered and never quit. You truly are next in line after me." And so, by following Guru Nanak's orders, reading prayers and following it to the TEE, Bhai Lehna became Guru Angad Dev Ji.

NOTES: If a woman, child or teen was the same there would have been a competition between Bhai Lehna and that being. EVERYONE was given the EQUAL chance to go for Guruship. Of course, if Guru Nanak said "This is all a test... am testing you!" Would've been equivalent to an examiner giving all the answers to the student in GCSE exam. 

Only a true worthy being was capable to take over Guruship. This being had to be 100% willing, follow orders and not question. 

No Sikh ever ate corpses as commanded by any Sikh Gurus (lol). 

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I am religious

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