Balance / Unbalance

For every unbalance in the world there is always a balance too. Good - evil, poor - rich, positive - negative all that. Many of you may be aware of this but nearly every household in India have teen/ young adults who wish to reside in foreign countries. I say nearly every household THIS IS NO EXAGERATION! 

I am speaking this from personal experience. Now where do Indian boys born and bred in UK or USA, have no degree and minimum wage job go for marriage? India of course! Whether the British Indian girls with a uni degree are big headed to think about marrying a man with NO degree or they want equal education/ higher than them holders is unknown (BTW same goes for boys with a degree).  

I believe if Indian boys/ girls were not hell bent on wishing to reside in foreign countries no degree holders boys and girls in foreign countries would've really really struggled with marriage. However, if a UK person proposes to an Indian person? JACKPOT!!! The family in India get extremely happy and bliss. The UK no degrees get happy too.

For religious reasons or even cultural cohabitation does NOT exist especially for baptised Sikhs (cannot say same for Hindus)? But first comes marriage, then sex followed by kids IN THAT ORDER!  And in order for a culture to flourish next generation IS needed. SO sometimes after 1950's this phenomenon of "Wanting to reside in foreign" kicked off for whatever reason! I believe it's a game in the grand scheme, so marriage THEN kids will follow in this tradition - it's settling the balance for no uni degree holders. Otherwise all people with no degrees would've been clueless where to go for marriage. 

Notes: Usually a girl and boy meet, speak to one another before deciding about marriage. However, if a UK says "I wish to marry that person in India NO questions/ NO meeting up first" the parents in the India side will STILL be ecstatic and not question "Why don't you wish to meet first?" The proposal in the foreign country can even be mentally challenged, morbid obese and completely disabled but the will still get an instant YES! 

The more harder you look, the more you will see the balance and unbalance to EVERYTHING in life (yes even Trump just think out the box).