Repeat repeat and repeat

    By Sukhdeep

    When we hear "History repeats itself" we reflect, "How very much true." Maybe you see politics same as 20 years ago, making 1000 promises but keeping one or maybe you look in the mirror n see Grandpa!


    Let's see it in grand of things. Now, someone 20 odd years ago wrote on their CV "I honed on my skills..." The word "Honed" looked extremely impressive that today EVERYONE uses it. Unfortunately, head hunters now read it every so often n get bored! Yet CV clever clogs bang on about "something unique..." Someone will come up with a new impressive term and use another word, maybe "Catches on..." What will happen in 20 years? "Catches on" will become boring! Then a clever clog perks up n says "I know! Lets use the word honed on..." SAME PRINCIPLES APPLY!


    It could be politicians favour rich not poor. 50 years later the opposite happens. Pay rise going up for working class may prove it. Certainly not favouring rich bosses! Up until 19th century it was who should have rule of hand? Parliament or Monarchs? (England). If one ruled, people saw it as overrated n demanded the other to hold power, only for it to change/ attempt to change it again!


    Today we all make n break history. One day you see a big empty space in the garden. You wonder why on Earth you have space. For you the biggest problem in the world is the space. And you build a shed. Then after your time, new people pop in the house and question, "Why is that shed blocking up space?" The shed will be somewhere in a dumpster/ been sold off! The new couple claim "That shed is no longer a problem." And so, history repeats itself over due course.