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The reason I voted Brexit (leave) was for a few good reasons. NOTHING to do with "Immigrants will stop coming in UK..." I already stated nothing will be done on that end.

However, I looked at both sides before voting. Articles, historical views on wha EU did for us from library. Of course I cannot remember much now but, leave win for me. OUR TAXES stays in England per week. OUR NHS is ran and governed by us if we achieve independent. Moreover, 30 odd EU countries had to give us permission if we wished to strike a deal with another country.

I knew and was well aware of the hardships. BAD NEWS: A few Indians who also voted "Leave" got called racist and facist by relatives n fam. Why? Those individuals focused solely on one and one thing only... "Immigrants not allowed to enter." Also, Indians heard comments and remarks the following day, like "Go back home" from white people. Surprisingl, it was from their own neighbours or shop keeper guy, PERSON WHO USED TO SAY HI TO THEM, WHO USED TO WELCOME THEM! If nothing else, result of Brexit brought out the true colours in people.


Back to Business, Chinese had opened up a Scientific facility of some sort in Cambridge about 2 years ago! First result of where 36 EU countries couldn't decide to give "yay" or "nay," was solely left to UK governing bodies..

RESULT! Yes, Independence is going to be tough but what about the long term future? Tax stays here, Business and Medical decisions stay here with us.

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