By SirFurryanimal3

    A poltergeist is, literally, a "noisy or mischievous spirit." Poltergeists make their presence known by rapping sounds, by throwing inanimate objects around, by electrical disturbances, or by lighting fires.

    Parapsychologist William Roll thinks poltergeist events are actually cases of psychokinesis -- "recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis." Craig Hamilton-Parker agrees. He thinks that "most reported accounts of poltergeists centre around adolescents who've had a very unhappy childhood." Roll and Hamilton-Parker do not believe that poltergeists are ghosts or conscious entities. According to Hamilton-Parker, poltergeists "result from psychokinetic energy projected from" a person whose "inner problems" express themselves by making objects move. He claims that Uri Geller is able to bend spoons by using this same kind of energy.