Is this far enough?

After searching for an EP reasonable facsimile, all I can say is that if Billy Madison, or Enlightner sends me a friend request here, I'm going to shit!

    • Cross Product

      By Cross Product

      Billy Madison is on Answermug; I'm not sure where Enlightener washed up.

      • SteveAustin

        By SteveAustin

        shhh they might hear.

        • Ic3Queen

          By Ic3Queen

          Lol. I still need to check out Answermug. 

          • ATM Diana

            By ATM Diana

            Billy is all over answermug

            • Ic3Queen

              By Ic3Queen

              Enlightener would freak me out. I remember the guy XD 

              • cdCalandraBelle

                By cdCalandraBelle

                lol . wow . tha way our Online n VR profiles end up plastered evrehwher xD lol .. mine is kinda too ^_^ i spoz ^_^ :P ..

                • Gwen Moon

                  By Gwen Moon

                  I thought Billy was already here but using a different name....  No?

                  • Cross Product

                    By Cross Product

                    He's been quieter than a mouse if he is.

                    • SpiritOfTheRabbit

                      By SpiritOfTheRabbit

                      Has anyone seen the Creamy Nerd Thigh guy or the Clean Unused Garbage Bag guy? LOL