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I Love Controversial Media

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I found a copy of Song of the South at a local thrift store earlier today and was lamenting to hubby how it's on VHS and I don't have a way to transfer it to DVD. One of the women who works there, a VERY stereotypical SJW aging hippy type, tried to make me feel guilty for loving the movie. But I pointed out that it's fond childhood memories of singing the songs that makes me whistful and I love the music and want to keep it for that. I got a good earful of how horrible I am and white people owe everyone everything for everything wrong in the world ( I didn't bother to point out how the Amish are historically anti-slavery and never owned anyone, so i'm out of THAT loop). Well, after we got home hubby and I started rattling off the amazing amounts of movies and tv that could never be made these days and how they're all important, no matter how ridiculous or insulting,because they're pieces of history.

Seriously, why do people try to ban or argue against controversial movies and such as if you can pretend the past isn't a thing?

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