How Long Good Sex Takes

    Gwen Moon

    Time Doesn't Matter If Everyone Leaves Happy.

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      • Gwen Moon
        Gwen Moon

        My husband and I signed a relationship contract and one of the agreements is, we agreed to having sex for at least 15 minutes a day.
        It's actually a very good relationship contract to have.

        • NewChrissy

          Gwen, you get off easy!  (Pun intended.)  Once each Month I'm given a "Naked Orgasm Day" where I must stay naked and climax at least once each Hour, starting at 6am and continuing until Midnight!

          I can use any toys I want (or get fucked) but any Hour that I don't manage to cum I get spanked for five minutes!!  And I get spanked anyway at 10AM, 2PM, 6PM, and 10PM!!!

          That's a minimum of nineteen climaxes and four spankings in only eighteen hours!!  (If you think it's easy, I suggest that YOU try it!!!  It's like running a marathon!!!!)

          • Emylee Jane
            Emylee Jane

            Anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour for me

            • Rayce Carrington
              Rayce Carrington

              I think 5 minutes not including foreplay is good