What was the most common way for you to add groups at Ep?

    By DoctorLove Comments (3)

    There were a number of ways we ran across something that applied to us - what do you think was your own 'most common method' of adding a group?

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      • Kaleidoscope Mind
        Kaleidoscope Mind

        While all of the above apply, most often I searched by keyword to find a group to post, or that I would like to post in, or that applied to me. The others were and are great time killers when bored or looking to expand my group list.

        • Onestarrynight

          I picked up many experiences by scalping them from other members.. I made quite a few of my own too..

          • optiimisticskeptic

            When they gave tokens I took them from other members profiles or directly from groups,I know someone who joined every Horoscope sign..after the great token crash I often made my own,tailoring it to what I wanted to say. Sure if I went paragliding I would post there but some stories are more ecclectic