Which religion you follow?

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      • Colonel Brandon
        Colonel Brandon

        Wow. I did not know we could create polls here!

        • Valentine

          Sorry, but you asked...

          I explain it all here:

          'My God'
          by Valentine

          My god
          Lives inside
          Within me
          And yes,
          So does my devil

          But my god will prevail
          Because he is good
          And without vice or sin
          And, it is these both
          Which ultimately
          Will help the other
          His nemesis
          Dig his own premature pit
          And he will be buried
          Well, almost

          And it may be
          That my god
          Is the same
          As your God
          Because he embraces
          In whatever form

          He is not vain
          And I believe your God
          Is much the same
          So they may be friends

          That either God
          Can seem to allow
          Great hurt
          Or great pain
          Is sometimes perplexing
          But, I think I now understand

          We are blessed with life
          For however long
          For however short
          Under whatever strain
          In whatever form
          Transient sometimes
          And he is our friend
          He is there to support

          And if I am right
          This same God
          Lives within you too

          So, as my friend
          Our Gods may then join
          And we are both stronger
          And we share the pain
          And the joy

          And this joining
          This union
          Is the beginning
          Of something
          Much bigger
          We may call it
          And this is good
          And strong
          And collective
          And embracing

          At least most times

          For when it does not
          Or would inflict power upon
          Or would suppress
          Other brother
          Or sister
          Or cousin faiths
          Or even those
          Who would choose
          What you might call
          This causes harm
          And is not
          What my god
          In his peace

          He gave me
          This form
          This frame
          To live
          To create
          To perpetuate
          And yet
          He also gave me
          An inner frame
          An inner voice
          An inner mind
          Which lives within

          Is it Him
          Or Her
          It does not matter

          It is a voice
          A conscious thinking
          A spark of life
          And it is always there
          And it always speaks to me
          A comfort
          A support

          That he gave me
          And you
          This life
          This opportunity
          I am grateful
          And always will be


          • Rolle2323

            Basically I believe in God. I no longer attend services with any formal religious group, but I like to keep in touch with old friends. I just don't know if God really needs or wants us to attend a formal religious group. It seems to me that if He did, there would only be one religion, and it wouldn't make people jump through silly hoops. I don't think God needs us to pray at a certain time every day, I don't think saying rote prayers on beads does us or God any good. I do believe, most fervently, that God wants us to love Him, and think of Him often, and keep Him in our hearts always.

            • Disguised

              I'm a non practising member of the Christian faith