Will Experience Project Reopen?

    ATM Diana

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      • Valentine

        It is dead as a dodo.

        • Rolle2323

          When they closed, they left a message saying basically that they had experienced too much interference from...was it Homeland Security? Can't remember. At any rate, it was becoming a huge pain in the rear for them. I don't know if they were based in the USA.

          • Colonel Brandon
            Colonel Brandon

            Rolle, of all the rumors about why EP closed, there was one that I was able to verify independently. Yes, they were under investigation. I don't think it would have been Homeland Security, but what happened is this (and I found it reported by independent news sources, rather than simply on social media chat.) Two people met on EP and decided to make a suicide pact. They got together, and at least one of them did kill himself (I do not remember what happened to the other.)

            The reason I remember that one succeeded, was that I saw an interview with his mother. She was telling reporters that her son had had developmental issues and was vulnerable to this sort of thing. She also went on and on about Experience Project, characterizing it as a site where people met each other to do "weird things."  She seemed to believe that what happened to her son was characteristic of what EP was like. I actually left a comment on that news site (I think it was ABC news) saying that while I have the greatest sympathy for her, that I was a regular on EP and that I had found it to be a very positive experience for me.

            Nevertheless, EP now had the same image that the Slenderman site would have years later. The publicity was not as widespread as in the Slenderman case, but I can imagine that this was a big reason the site closed.