Do you think that Batman vs Superman would have been much better if Christian Bale had stayed on board instead of Ben Affleck?

    By gentlequill Comments (4)

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      • Friendly Bryan
        Friendly Bryan

        I think it would have been better if the writers had taken the time to actually write a script instead of hashing together a few good scenes connected by a load of tripe. The actors can do only so much if they have no roles to play.

        • gentlequill

          I agree with that.

          • JaggedLittlePill

            I thought the movie surprised me. Im.not keen on supermans acting ...but Ben held his own. I went in begrudgingly and left satisfied.

            • gentlequill

              I think cavill does a great superman. My opinion on affleck differs greatly. Affleck does a great job as one character...and that is playing himself.