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          Mr weird
          Dear ATM.. I'm so disappointed with what you turned into, instead of being my home you turned into a dead website that attracts spammers. When EP got shutdown I was hoping that you would be our refuge even though at the same time Similar Worlds website kept growing rapidly and attracted most of EP ex users, yet I loved you more, you have always been the website where I felt like home especially with the amazing people that I met here. Unfortunately people kept leaving you to SW and the staff abandoned you even though they already promised us that there will be new updates to you, instead things went worse than what they used to and you kept attracting more spammers every day and most of the recent posts are ads!!! I did all I could, I tried to keep you as active as you used to when you first launched but unfortunately I was too late, people already abandoned you and now it's my turn... The only reason why I'm writing to you is because you have been such a dear website to me and it saddens me to watch you dying. Thanks for all the happy times you have given to me Good bye.. Mr Weird
          • Mr weird
            Mr weird
            Happy Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ^_^
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