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Happy Halloween! I got my spook on! once more.https://youtu.be/2U88dNAie20


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Okay,feeling a bit braver today. I am a straight sub little.  I hope to meet other little's  and dominate ladies.

Maybe there are two sides of Me.While I am Submissive and abdl I am also kind of rough and tumble meaning I love the great outdoors and spend a lot of time camping hiking a rafting,kayaking.

I am willing to befriend other men here but,I really do not want to talk sexually with any of You please.

Ive Just come across a blog where someone was bemoaning all the perverts on ATM.Well,I for one was hoping that I could feel free to enjoy both adult and non adult groups here.As I said before there is more than one side to Me.I am very glad to know that there is an age limit on ATM! Should You befriend Me please accept that I have many interest.

Brief description: Avid outdoors man.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 55


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      It was an accident Mommy..
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