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I am a retired banker with a large adopted and blood tie family. Very happily married to a beautiful life with my gorgeous partner. My interests cover basics like cooking, dancing, old movies, rainy days, walks in the rain or snow to growing things, planting gardens of flowers, vegetables and herbs.  To researching races, race histories, politics, governments, aristocracies ancient, old, new and current.  There just is not enough time in a day or a life to get it all in... But in what I Like or Love I do try....  I believe in forgiveness.  And Love like you never have before in your life. That is the only way to me.  Forgive, Forgive, Forgive*  But self forgiveness is useless if you cannot forgive others even when you know you are right.  I Love football, golf, basketball, UFC & MMA, boxing (all weight classes)  and all gymnastics for(women and men).

I Love living. I have survived enough obstacles and have enjoyed many a precious moment to really appreciate life just in and of itself.  I live well in life, in myself and in this place called Earth. Thanks to all the powers of Right Human Relationships and the Power of Love.***   Hugs, LW

Brief description: living well means having purpose that benefits you and those in your life.


    • livingwell
      Somehow we have to protect the children of America. They cry out for our protection, A simple plea request for safety in our schools. How much longer will the Trump office ..keep refusing to protect our children? Hugs, LW
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