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Having had 2 of my ex bfs be porn addicts I'm now obsessed with the way I look. I feel like I want to trade in a nice personality to look like a glamour model if given the choose. My ex boyfriend hardly said anything nice about my looks or bedroom performance, but he found it easier to say bad things. I'm planning my revenge. I didn't realise I wasn't that attractive until I met him. He recently made a joke about ringing a sex line advertised on a big screen in Las Vegas he only spoke to me once on the phone during the whole 7 months we dated! Whenever I bought it up that he never said anything nice he kept saying about my personality :( whenever he did say anything my looks it's sounded robotic. He had been watching porn mostly every day and could never get a full erection over me even when he stopped watching porn. Oh well I'm a UK size 10 now. He now has a girlfriend I can't cope with the disappointment still to this day. We were almost perfect for each other, now he's with a posh girl who likes cakes and dogs.

"I wasn't bored of you perhaps in 10 years time when you've lost your looks."

he now has a woman who is 12 years older than I was then! I hope she's boring in bed.

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