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Is this what it does?


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    • Rolle2323

      Means "My Annoying Friend". 😬

      • Sukhdeep

        Evening Rolle. Outta interest what does "MAF" mean? Thanks :)

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        • Rolle2323

          MAF Sucks

          By Rolle2323 Comments (2)
          I arrived at MAF's mobile home this afternoon bearing gifts. Fresh fruit, ready to eat salads, ready to eat barbecued ribs....a chicken pot pie...all things I knew he would enjoy. He has been unable to go shopping unless friends help him out,...
          • Rolle2323

            Rolles' Beef Stew(s)

            By Rolle2323
            Stew making has been brought on by the gift of (2) 5 lb bags of some very disgusting, very fatty chuck beef. The challenge was to turn it into something edible. 5 lbs of horribly fatty chuck beef or 3 lbs of normal chuck beef 2 quarts organic...
            • Rolle2323

              Swinging from the Trees: Adventures in Family Histroy

              By Rolle2323 Comments (3)
              Lately, while endlessly building family trees for the benefit of the entire states of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee, I have begun to peek at the folks I am typing in, to see if I am related to them. If someone has the worst hick name I...
              • Rolle2323

                Rolle's Crazy American Turkey Curry

                By Rolle2323 Comments (2)
                I just don't have the proper ingredients for a proper curry...yet. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Regardless, and as a result of tweaking endlessly, this "American" curry turned out rather well. 1 red bell...