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    • Sukhdeep
      Snow :-(
      • Sukhdeep
        Hmm a very quiet forum with few members.
        • Sukhdeep
          Trump is in the dictionary. But if there was Trump 2 (some words are like that I.e. VAT) what would definition be for "Trump 2?"
          • Sukhdeep
            Jam doughnuts yet again!
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          • I am religious

            I am religious

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            Whatever your beliefs on God/ religion share it. Personal experience? inherited from family? A vision from the Big man Himself?
          • I enjoy Maths

            I enjoy Maths

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            Got anything number related like a story, problem or algebra? Maybe Maths riddle? Share it here!
          • I like to share something funny.

            I like to share something funny.

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          • Whats On Your Player?

            Whats On Your Player?

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            • Sukhdeep

              Bread pakhora recipe

              By Sukhdeep Comments (2)
              Pakhora is a fried veg India food, used making yoghurt, flour, potatoes and methi.   However, what about bread pakhora? Simply get ingredients for the batter ready, as you'd do for when preparing pakhora. Get ANY breads, cut it in...