Does anybody like going to the dentist?

    Asked by GTnLynn Answers (7)

    I have an appointment in an hour.  I dread it! 

    7 Answers

      • ToyMan

        It's not on my preferred list of things to do. Seems wrong to have someone with their fingers and sharp instruments in your mouth.  :-/

        • GTnLynn

          I survived the trip to the dentist.  Now I have take out a mortgage on my house to pay for the new crown.

          • ATM Vickie
            ATM Vickie

            It is a nightmare to me

            • goagainsttheflow

              Well I had braces throughout most of my childhood so a trip to the dentist doesn't bother me anymore.

              • Tanoos

                have a speedy recovery..nothing to worry

                • Katie

                  I don't mind.  Mine makes it as pleasant as it can be, he's funny.

                  • Cross Product
                    Cross Product

                    I haven't been to the dentist since the 90s, but I seem to have indestructible teeth because I have no fillings or any other dental work of any kind.