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    I find the more I move into my "higher self" the less importance sex has in my life. I've had some great sex in my life, so don't get me wrong.  The thing is though, it has gotten to the point where the soul connection is much more important. The soul mingle, the soul dance. I wonder if anyone here can relate?

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      • Colonel Brandon
        Colonel Brandon

        I can relate. The meaningless sex I had in the past was never satisfying. Even at the time, I felt empty afterwards. And that is even more so for things like internet cybersex, porn, etc.

        I want sex, spirituality, love, and my kinky disposition to all be integrated. Sadly, I have rarely had that experience.

        • Paleandpolluted86

          I've only ever slept with people I've dated. The last guy I really connected with but it hurts to talk about him. I've never had sex just for fun.


            • Jyak

              I see you know where I'm coming from. Sharing of the soul energy. An exchange of attributes that make an entity what it fundamentally is. To feel them, sense them, accept the exchange for what it is. The high vibration of the soul song. Such beauty. Sorry to hear of your pain regarding the subject of your last guy. I too know the pain of separation of the souls. The song ends and you're left to carry on. Would love to hear more about your special guy if you would care to share.

            • Paleandpolluted86

              We had a really good bond, I felt like he didn't desire me physically as much as he should. I'm worried I won't get that bond with anyone else and it's been 4 years...

              The special people go quickly, the ones who I don't care about hang around for a long time.

              • Melissa

                I've had really great sex also but as i get older the bond is so much more important.