What are your thoughts on technology overtaking our lives?

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      • Rolle2323

        I think in many ways it will harm us irreparably. Grouping together in person has become something that only happens when people are forced to be together, in class at school, for example. I worry that boys and girls learning about life on their smart phones will be so socially stunted they won't be able to sustain marriages in real life, and they will become bullies as the anonymity provided by the internet gives their worst impulses an anonymous forum.


          • Valentine

            Just try these days putting a group of youngsters together in a room sat next to each other, get them to take their earphones (earbuds) out and their phones down on the table, and they're distraught :)

            • Whitesunshine87

              You are right.It worries me a lot that marriages won't last long and people will hardly have time for each other in real life.

            • Bowman81

              Same old problem different day....changes due to technology....transportation, modern medicine, war, communication.....it has always been this way.....How did Dad keep the kids on the farm when the factories were hiring in the big cities?  How could we deal with the automobile....killing 55,000 per year in accidents?  I remember my folks thinking the radio and rock and roll music would be the end of life as they knew it...and it was.

              Like the Marine Corps says....we "adapt, overcome, and improvise".  It has always been this way......new tech and new challenges.....and with the new challenges come new solutions.....maybe even more new tech.  LOL.  It is inevitable, we will not go back to the dark ages.  Not willingly.



              • Valentine

                The genie will just keep coming out of the bottle.

                AI (Artificial Intelligence) is even now so powerful (and it has only just started), one wonders where it will progress.


                • Sukhdeep

                  In terms of mobile and being on internet everyday, it is a want more than a need. People think their lives will be destroyed without it. And when questioned what about people pre - 1900's? Answer is "They did not know better. We do." Ok I don't argue with that, but we think we know better by being impatient! "Why is my signal slow? Why is there no signal? Stupid battery!" Pre 1900's, send a letter/ message, sit back and wait for a week or more for a reply. 

                  In terms of machinery at work? Now that is... tricky. A machine has overtaken people's jobs but those machines were initially made by humans! So the matter of fact the machines were created means that there are jobs for humans to create machines, which eventually leads to ruining another human's life. Self service check out, ATM in banks, cutting machines. 

                  Interestingly today at work, when the internal phone rang (only workers from other units ring) I thought, pre 1950's kids had jobs as messenger boy. They stood by their boss and waited for a message, where they then ran off giving it. NO I was not in the 50's, i was born late 80's but I had seen the movie Hue and Cry. I am also a fan of learning History.  

                  Finally (pardon has this post gone long)? Universities teach electronic engineering. Get this degree one can work in machine industries using computer software and machine. BIG JOB! Create programs, set them up, mechanic - all falls on this one person. Doing it right first time is essential! 

                  So there are benefits technology. The problem is... our usage and thinking of them is overwhelming. 





                  • Disguised

                    Hasn't technology always over taken our lives.... Ug the caveman moved a stone with a branch... Uy improved it by making it into a stick.. Easier to handle.. Uj placed his stick under the stone and it rolled.... Technology has always been ahead of us....its what sparks the  next idea