Predictions for 2018?

    Asked by Valentine Answers (4)

    > Will Trump still be President? If so, will there be anyone still working with him in the Whitehouse? 

    > Will North Korea have deactivated its nuclear bombs and made some peace with South Korea?

    > Will the UK have had another Brexit referendum and if so, what will be the outcome?

    > Will we have moved forward with ecological issues? Global warming, reducing waste, please add to the list...

    > Will ISIS be all but gone?

    > Will there be peace in the Middle East?

    > Were those pigs flying past my window? What mighty fine piggies ;)

    4 Answers

      • Rolle2323

        Trump..yes. North ISIS....same. Middle East...never.

        My son collects flying pigs....LOLOL!!!

        • Disguised

          I predict a riot


          • Illiterate Troll
            Illiterate Troll

            I predict it will end in 2019....


            • Sukhdeep

              Evening Valentine. Trump, yes to both. He has done good things despite his brute honesty. Koreans, hopefully! I can see a negotiation to make things a little easier. Brexit, no it'll be unfair on who voted OUT. Eco friendly, I believe it'll be the same. We have progressed impressively, carbon footprint reduction, recycling, looking at ways to reduce pollution. ISIS and Middle east, ISIS might relocate and leave M.E. for a while, so there's peace over there. Flying pigs, no I never been on pot! ;)