Who was your favourite elderly relative when you were a child and why were they?

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    I had a lovely Aunty Eva who always came to visit bearing gifts of fudge in pretty tins...

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      • pennynoodles

        My Auntie Dolly. She was 4ft 11 in her stockinged feet but was an amazing lady. She stood up to my father when he told me I cursed his horse racing by walking in front of the tv. She was a nun in her younger years but left and got married but never had children of her own. She insisted on buying us a wedding present early in the October even though we weren't getting married until May. At the beginning of December I sent her an early Christmas present that she received and opened and she actually died on December 8th. Unusually, she always said that she didn't want to die in her sleep, all alone and she got her wish. She was in church, she smiled at the vicar and dropped to the floor. Dead. I think of her so often as she was such a sweetie in her older years. 


        • Disguised

          My great Nan. My mums nan.... She was so kind..... And understanding....yet strong character.... She never married and brought my grandmother up on her own...in a time where society would really be against her... An amazing lady  ... 


          • Rolle2323

            I don't know if I can choose. My maternal grandmother was a love, but passed away when I was too young to really know her. I had a great-Aunt Hazel, who was SO funny and amazing. My mother would leave me at my paternal grandmother's house all day long while she ran around and visited people, and Aunt Hazel would arrive in her wheelchair. She had suffered polio as a young woman. She and I and my grandmother would all play scrabble together, and Hazel  was such a hoot! I wrote to her every month until I was 14 years old, and then she passed away. I was so very attached to her that when my grandmother said, at her funeral, that it was a blessing she had died, I turned and spoke SO rudely to my grandmother, and said it is NOT a blessing!!!! It is NOT!!! And ran out. Everyone said I should not have been allowed to attend a funeral because I was too young. As an adult, thinking about Hazel's passing, I can still get weepy. I give to the polio foundation now and then.

            I loved my Aunt Dorothy equally, and she was so extremely sweet and kind to me. She taught me how to iron clothes, because my mother gave me ironing to do and I didn't know how. I loved everything about Dorothy, but I wasn't devastated when she died...perhaps because she lived up until 6 years ago.


              • Illiterate Troll
                Illiterate Troll

                They all sound quite marvellous to have had as relatives, you were most fortunate to have a multitude of great relatives me thinks.