Which way should toilet paper hang, over or under?

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    I know..getting down to the nitty gritty hardcore questions now... 

    BUT do you feel compelled to turn the roll round the right way?  

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      • Illiterate Troll
        Illiterate Troll

        Over obviously! I'm not a complete heathen...

        Depends how much is left of the roll...if it's not that much I can't be arsed but I wouldn't be able to stand it if twas a whole roll....

        • Bowman81

          There is a right way, a wrong way, and the Army way......


          • Rolle2323

            Over. Everyone knows it...except one or two idiot women at work...LOL!!!

            • Valentine

              Over. Sans aucun doute. (Oh, Epi, ou es-tu?)

              Embarrasing moment, I noticed in my brother-in-law's house last week that the paper was 'under', so I surreptitiously changed it one night to 'over'. We were the only two in the house, and it was changed back again by morning... 


                • pennynoodles

                  lolololol. We have toilet roll arguments in our house. If I accidentally throw it on in a hurry and it goes under....oo, I'm in trouble.

                • RumblingBrook

                  Neither.....mine just sets on a very small cabinet.

                  • pennynoodles

                    Over......although I do occasionally throw a spanner in the works, just to wind Mr N up a little