Trump not visiting Britain as, according to London Mayor "Looks like Trump got the message Brits not happy..." BUT isn't this damaging? Don't we need support especially after Brexit?

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    He was coming as US embassy is opening up in London. 

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      • Rolle2323

        It sounds as though the Mayor of London has a mild case of Trump syndrome himself. He is probably trying to boost his own self-importance for political reasons. That is almost always the case when politicians involve themselves. Trump won't forget a bit of it.

        • Valentine

          The 'special relationship' with the UK is unfortunately, at a political and commercial level at least, a bit of a delusion. We are not the 51st state. Trump is quite eager to promote his appearance as a kick-ass politician. This is all alpha-male-beating-chest-routine and negative. I am waiting, and I guess so are the American people, for him to make a positive difference. The more time he spends defending his alleged misdemeanours and scoring cheap tweet shots, he hopes less time will spent looking at what he is actually achieving. He of course understands that negative press coverage will eventually mount up, so, more and more, he won't risk going out of his room to court it.

          Eventually, he will only be left with his own 'shithole'.

          And maybe France; they'll invite him and ensure positive press coverage.

          He can fool some of the people some of the time...

          • pennynoodles

            The Mayor of London needs to watch his mouth or he will fast become the spectacle that Trump has become.