How did you rebel against your parents?

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      Once I was old enough, I rebelled by lying to my mother about where I was and what I was doing as often as possible. I had a secret life, meeting my boyfriend in the parking lot outside the school and necking with him in his car, hitch hiking to Boston with a friend, sneaked off to a football game, got engaged secretly and tried to get married secretly.


        • pennynoodles

          I did rebel against them by never telling them what I was really up to. I was too scared of my father to have let them see what I did. 

          • Valentine

            Ah, that would be the purple wallpaper. Oh, and don't forget the Leonard Cohen albums on repeat 😊.


            • sciguy18

              By growing a beard. Not a big thing in general, but I was only 9 at the time...


              • Whitesunshine87

                By sulking.We had Julius Caesar in our school course.The teachers told us that we could see the movie if we went with them but we would have to come back alone.That is why my dad didn't let me go.