What do you call your after meal sweet? Pudding or Dessert?

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      Dessert and then it may be a pudding depending on what I have prepared for the evening .

        • Illiterate Troll
          Illiterate Troll

          Neither...tis usually breakfast...or mid evening snack..

          • Rolle2323

            Dessert, or snack. It is not an automatic inclusion, but might be included because I have been given cookies or cupcakes, (which I don't normally buy).

            • GTnLynn

              Dessert, although we usually have it well after dinner is over.  Then we just call it a "bowl of ice cream."

              • pennynoodles

                Both....in a restaurant I suppose I would call it dessert. 

                • Colonel Brandon
                  Colonel Brandon

                  Maybe this is yet another "across the pond" usage difference, but over here, pudding is one particular kind of dessert. Here, pudding is sweet and creamy.