The British Royal family... Yes or No..?

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    Part two.... 

    Royal families in general... Good?  Bad?  Outdated?  Waste of time?.... 

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      On balance, I think 'yes'. Perhaps they should be limited more in funding. I am hopeful of William and Kate doing a good job. What a shame for Charles though, 70, and still not king. (Can't help thinking this was Lizzie's plan though).
      The alternative is a President though? Say no more.

        • Sukhdeep

          I'd say yes as it creates jobs for people in security, workers in n around the palace. Not to forget, the most expensive thing in UK to buy? Clearly has to be Britannia Ship in Edinburgh! Provided it does not get sunk that ship and all its contents, imagine the value if all of it gets put on auction! Will easily hit a trillion.


          • Illiterate Troll
            Illiterate Troll

            Total waste of time...except for Lizzie...when she goes it should be abolished, the rest of em ain't worth tuppence...


            • Fyrefox

              Many Americans are secretly at least captivated by Royals.  Lacking them, we lavish attention instead on over-indulged, grossly-overpaid celebrities.-- Care to rent us a Royal?  👑 


              • Rolle2323

                If a royal had veto power, like a President, or any of the powers of a President, then, yes, a Royal would be useful. However, if the country has decided to remove all of their powers in perpetuity, then they are not useful and constitute an enormous expense.


                  • Rolle2323

                    @Valentine...LOLOL!!! I think you would make a tiny bit more by converting the royal palace to a grand hotel. 🙃

                    • Valentine

                      We did try that once Rolle, about 400 years ago (when the US was still but a twinkle in our eye 😉). It took a little war to suppress their powers and introduce democracy. They do sort of pay their way - I think we sold at least 6 souvenir mugs and 3 tea towels last year. That should keep them going for a few months 😂.

                    • pennynoodles

                      I kind of like some of them. Never been a real fan of Charles in particular, although strangely I do respect Camilla's vow of silence on things. Kate and William seem a lovely young couple, as do Harry and his bride-to-be. I felt a sense of pride for them when I read the 'type of people' that they have invited to their wedding. 

                      • Colonel Brandon
                        Colonel Brandon

                        Something occurred to me while watching the movie "The King's Speech." Of course, I do not have a good feel as to how accurately the film portrayed the times. But, with that caveat, it struck me that the King could play a role that no elected official could possibly play, precisely because he is perceived as above politics, and he is identified as someone who embodies the ideals of the nation.

                        My wife, after the movie, said, "What's the big deal? If the King stuttered, why not have someone else deliver the speech?" I said, "No, it would not mean the same thing unless the people heard it from their King."

                        Perhaps that was a more innocent time, and the British public has a different temperament today. I of course am completely unqualified to judge.