Do you have first aid skills?

    Illiterate Troll
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    I think it should be taught in schools, if you ever get the chance please take a course, you may save a life some day.

    I saved a life yesterday...admittedly it didn't involve my first aid skills...I just lifted the worm from the pavement to the grass...but that worm still wriggles because of me...

    5 Answers

      • Sukhdeep

        Indeed I do. Fortunately DR.ABC was not required on 2 occassions. Two people had passed out in town but they were fine n dandy! First aid is taught in UK schools.


        • Disguised

          Just done my one day first aid course at work

          • GTnLynn

            Yes.  I still remember training from Boy Scout days, plus several CPR courses and AED training.

            • pennynoodles

              Yes, I have the certificate to prove it. However, after witnessing cpr done on a real person, it does make me think that realistically I am probably not fit enough to keep it up for as long or hard as it needs to be done. 

              • Rolle2323

                Yes, I do. I have held several jobs where those skills were required. I have passed the CPR course, know how to clear throats, handle an epileptic fit, bleeding, high fever, and several other situations, including shock. However, a lot of what I know is what to do while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.