Strange recipe you find delicious?

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      • pennynoodles

        cheese and jam 

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          • Colonel Brandon
            Colonel Brandon

            Someone online said that she liked Nutella and salami sandwiches. I thought that was so strange that I had to try it (that's the way I react to weird food suggestions!) I actually thought it was fantastic.

            • Rolle2323

              I used to experiment with food quite a bit, and I discovered that if you blanch fresh string beans for three or four minutes and then saute them for 10 minutes on low heat with olive oil, fresh minced garlic, and hot pepper flakes they are fabulously spicy and good. It may seem a bit normal to you, but at the time it seemed very adventurous to put hot pepper flakes on green beans....LOL!!

              • sciguy18

                Spam Flambé