So you waked up tomorrow morning as a fully trained stuntman.. /woman..... What stunt would you like to do?

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    Be lavish.... And exciting.... The sky is your limit. 

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      Illiterate Troll
      Illiterate Troll

      I would leap out of bed without the usual groaning and creaking noises...

        • pennynoodles

          cartwheels of course. 


          • Colonel Brandon
            Colonel Brandon

            It would have to be a classic movie stunt. Since you say the sky is my about a scene where I am in a fist fight with another guy, on the wing of an airplane, and I'm the guy who gets knocked off to plunge to my death (hopefully, onto a mattress!)

            • Rolle2323

              Tom Cruise does all of his own stunts...and last night I said to! I would like to jump out a (low) window, break the fake glass, and land on top of the bad guy!!!!