Whats your favourite supermarket chain?

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      Illiterate Troll
      Illiterate Troll

      It's gotta be Aldi, who wouldn't want to pick up a chain saw with their weekly shop!?


        • pennynoodles

          I suppose Tesco but it helps that I get a quick hug from my daughter when I go there as she works on customer service. 


          • GTnLynn

            Kroger because of convenience and the discounts at the gas pump.

            • Colonel Brandon
              Colonel Brandon

              There is  a regional chain here called Fresh Thyme Market. It has a great variety of produce and meats, brands that you don't see in other stores, good prices, good quality, friendly staff.

              • Rolle2323

                I never go there, but I adore our local Market Basket. They carry seafood, maki rolls, and a fabulous selection of pastries. It is such a visual feast that I spend twice as much money there as I do elsewhere.