Do you also think that this site is infected with malware?

    Asked by ABCDEF7 Answers (4)

    I got an unsolicited download as soon as I logged into this site.

    4 Answers

      • Disguised

        No...its used to happen alot when people uploaded vids

        • Fyrefox

          Unsure, but the Blogs/Stories section has lots of recent weird and indecipherable postings...


            • Cornish Pasty
              Cornish Pasty

              They are Dutch I think.Marketing Scams like thr Chinese attacks on Buzz50 that I am not posting on anymore.With the site seemingly unmonitored and unmoderated no one is around to remove them

            • pennynoodles

              I used to but not now

              • Cornish Pasty
                Cornish Pasty

                No-never seen any message about it but I do see lots of other weird ones.